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-Under Construction-

(Hoshiko, Jiro) of (Kadangakure)

|| My village record ||
  • Name: Hoshiko, Jiro
  • Age: 27
  • DOB: June 10
  • Rank: Jounin
  • Village: Kadangakure
  • Appearance: Jiro's a taller, lanky man with a thin, whippy sort of figure. His hair is a dry blonde, roughly the shade and consistancy of wheat, which he keeps in a short-cut shag. While outside he's usually seen wearing some form of sun hat or Sakkat and a lengthy blade of grass, flower, or strand of grain hanging lazily from his mouth. His eyes, which are a golden-brown color, are always half-lidded and idle, as though he's just woken up from deep sleep. His constant companion is a small meadow-lark which sits on his shoulder. They are rarely seen apart and usually only when Jiro has sent the bird out to accomplish some task or other.

|| It's just me ||
  • Personality: Jiro comes off on first impression as a lazy, quiet slacker who spends more of his time looking at flowers and birds than actually working. Despite his idle appearance, Jiro is always watchful, always ready and keenly aware of everything going on around him. His love for plantlife and nature gives him a rather acute sense of when things aren't as they should be, and it's been said he's even capable of speaking to the plants and wildlife he spends so much time around. He's an easy-going sort that rarely judges others and holds a deep understanding of the way the world works. He doesn't socialize much as he prefers his solitude and often doesn't care for the company of other human beings. Jiro would be perfectly content being alone in a garden where it's just he, his Lark companion, and the Earth. It's terribly rare to catch him in a temper, but the few things that can spark some emotion other than tranquility and neutrality are those which threaten those he holds near and generally have a destructive power to the world. He loathes fire and its careless users, and technology will often make him irritable. There has been some question as to how seriously he takes any missions he's assigned, but those that have worked with him closely or for any great period of time know him to thrive on success despite the way he acts.
  • Background: No one's quite sure where specifically Jiro came from. He was found by an ANBU scouting patrol wandering aimlessly near Kadangakura when he was in his early-teens and brought into the village for questioning and identification. Throughout the brief interrogation he went through, no real answers were ever really reached and he seemed so distracted by all the floral life around the area that any attempts made to discover any background failed. In the end, it was determined that he'd just been a loner kid with a pet bird and could do no real harm to the village or its inhabitants. He was to be released once more and watched for several days after being escorted to the borders. Jiro made a strange request then, however, and asked if it was at all possible to stay in the village permanently. He was in love with the natural aspect of its boundaries and had always held a deep connection with plants and some animals, so Kadangakura seemed heavenly to him. Jiro was made to wait several days while the village heads consulted, and the final verdict allowed him to stay on as a villager.

    Shortly after he began work at the Academy, late due to his age. Though it appeared to many that he rarely worked and spent most of his time lazing about to admire the flowers, Jiro was a fast learner and excelled in most of the arts he learned. He accelerated to Jounin rank within a few years of entering the village, and has been a loyal member since.

    At the age of 27 now, he has developed many of his own jutsu, not being part of any clan to inherit the talents of, and is one of the higher standing jounin in the village. His lax, easy-going nature often makes him a favorite of the genin teams hoping for a jounin master.

    Jiro is also known for his curious, mildly rustic way of speaking. He has something of a south-western accent.

  • Likes: Jiro loves anything to do with nature, particularly when it comes to plant and birdlife. His affinity for the living is incredibly strong, particularly for purity and innocence. He can commonly be found in or around gardens, farms, and anywhere nature and growth can be nurtured and grow freely. However, he is also afflicted with a great love of alcohol, preferring anything hard and Sake. He can hold his sake better than most, as drinking is a bit of a guilty pleasure of his.
  • Dislikes: Fire, the unnatural, those who take advantage or destroy nature, technology, arrogance

|| I'm way good at this ||
  • Weaponry: Jiro usually fights without weapons and is devoid of any of the normal ninja equipment. When he does engage in close combat it's with the aid of a thin staff and his own fists. Typically tries to avoid such physical confrontation, though.
  • Abilities: Jiro holds a close bond with the sentient, and so can communicate with most forms of life. This includes plant life and some animals. His particular ability lies in his relationship with the birds, particularly his meadow lark companion, making him excel in information gathering and spying. He's also one of the best when it comes to any form of tracking or hunting; be it a lost child or a missing nin.
  • Known Techniques: Primarily Ninjutsa, skilled in some forms of Genjutsu, lacking in Taijutsu
    Under construction

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