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PostSubject: HEY WASSUP?   Fri Feb 29, 2008 4:26 pm

Hey! I'm Fera and I hate writing introductions! :D

I found this site through Sam like AGES ago, and right now I really miss her so I came here! (And yes, that is indeed, the main reason)

As for roleplaying I love to roleplay, and haven't had a good one in a while.
But this forum looks preeettyyy dead, so I'mma wait a day or so before I create my OC thinger, just to see if it's worth it yeah.
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PostSubject: Re: HEY WASSUP?   Fri Feb 29, 2008 9:55 pm

Oh yay, new member! 8D Welcome to the forum!

Well, due to the lack of members and possibly too much work for the usually active members, roleplaying has been a bit slow for the past few weeks. Hopefully school would stop bombarding us with work so we can actually have some time to make a good post. -_-;;

Roleplaying Tip: Details and description are the key to long posts. Don't just sit there! Sit there and look at something or do something! It is also good to start out with meaty intros for a new RPC. The more you write, the more people can reply to, and the more you can reply to in return! <3

Naruto: Tales of Iwagakure
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