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 howdy ho

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PostSubject: howdy ho   Sat May 31, 2008 11:28 pm

Ello all, I've been lurking around for awhile and have yet to start rping but I plan to. I've just never really done a real rp before and i worry I might not always take it seriously.

Anyhows I can be quite silly and random at times, while other times I can be serious and cynical. I can be quite a nerd because of my interests, but I take it as a compliment. I love anime and manga(duh, why else would I join up?), art, and video games. There are various types of music I listen to like jazz, all sorts of pop, techno, 80's, classical, r&b, disco, alternative, video game music, industrial, 90's, world, celtic, new age, and etc.

I'm pretty interested in astrology too, but it's not like I believe the newspapers' horoscopes that are like two sentences telling me to steer clear of all capricorns or something equally silly. It's really interesting to look up descriptions based on your date of birth to me anyhow. I'm also curious about other new age sort of subjects such as the meanings of dreams, numberlogy, and tarot.

Well that's a bit about me. Hopefully I'll get into rping with you guys, but I'll need some help along the way.

See you all around,
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howdy ho
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