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 Our Online selves saving the WoRLD!

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PostSubject: Our Online selves saving the WoRLD!   Wed Jun 04, 2008 7:41 pm

One Day, Hope decided to finally take over the world with her Penguin Army. Unfortunately, there was no one to stop her! So she decided to find Heroes that will stop her from talking over the world or it would be boring.

"Come on! Who wants to be a Hero and stop from taking over the World! Audition Here! Or a minion?" Hope called out to the people.
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Kyoujin saigo

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PostSubject: Re: Our Online selves saving the WoRLD!   Mon Aug 04, 2008 2:01 pm

The small, stuffed, panda had finally made it to the top of the huge cliff. He had been climbing for what seemed like days, he immediately turned to sit on the edge letting his small legs dangle over it.
The land was laid out before him in vast browns and blues.
Suddenly his ears perked up as a loud musical melody could be hear in front of him followed by a fast talking booming voice.

"And in other news a vast penguin army has descended upon the world bent on taking it over."
A video began to play showing massive amounts of penguins flooding the streets of the city and attacking old ladies. There were even a few tipping over a cab.
"So far the military has been unable to do anything to these birds of terror. We will keep you posted as the situation evolves."

It cut to commercial.

Kyou reached to his side and it the power button on the remote that sat beside him.
Pride welled up inside of his small chest as he stood up on the couch, his arm in the air.

"I shall stop these penguins!"He shouted as if someone would listen.
He looked around at the empty room and his heart sank as he looked down from the couch.

"Um Komi" He called in a shaky nervous tone.
"Um can you come help me down so I can go fight the penguins?"

= Me Panda-chan. Yay Me!
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Our Online selves saving the WoRLD!
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