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 The Bad fellers--I mean the Crazy Pals

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PostSubject: The Bad fellers--I mean the Crazy Pals   Wed Jun 11, 2008 8:26 pm

Levis, Peracito Tenus of Kurosan (formely of Tenpigakure)

|| My village record ||
  • Name: Levis, Peracito Tenus, a.k.a. the "End to Light"
  • Age: 36
  • DOB: June 11th
  • Rank: S-rank nukenin
  • Village: Tenpigakure
  • Appearance: Standing at a height of 6'3 and a weight of 128 lbs., Peracito is a tall and imposing figure due to his refusal to say many words. Besides from his rather strange sense fashion amongst shinobi, he wears orange shades to keep others to stare at his milky white eyes. The blade he carries is only known as "Ombra", which is made by a special blade which can utilize one's elemental nature by being covered by that same elemental nature.

|| It's just me ||
  • Personality: Peracito is something of a rather quiet individual. Choosing only to speak and strike at moments he believes he himself needs to take part of, he usually watches from the sidelines, believing that he should appear only when his leader so commands it. In battle however, his sheer ferocity is legendary, despite the fact that he retains a cool expression during battle.
  • Background: Born in Tenipigakure, Levis was the middle child of four to a family of middle-class entrepreneurs, all successful in the buisness. And during those times, Peracito was obviously not the man most would see today. However, he "chose" to become a shinobi in Tenpigakure at age nine. At age twelve, he had become a chunnin. At age 14, he became a jounin. Serving his own country for over twelve years, Peracito made a name for himself, though his own tactics during a mission were somewhat..extreme.

    Nonetheless, he was respected by his peers and associates and feared by all those whom were his rather unfortunate victims. However, it became quite obvious to a few that he had indeed been very disturbed--even more so than usual. One night after he himself had finished a mission, Percatio had been moving on and about in the village, searching for the very Bo-Staff used to seal a portion of kaibustu's terrible power, leaving a decent body count and many traumatized in his failed attempt to retrieve the mighty weapon--including that of his own teacher. However, before he even reached the office of the previous Kage of Sun village, he mysteriously disappeared, almost if instructed to leave. And ever since then he has walked amongst the very shadows of death, waiting for his time to strike again.

  • Likes: The sea, pickled dangos, those with intelligence and the lightning element.
  • Dislikes: Stupid individuals, The Kage of his village, stormy days, and poison ivy.

|| I'm way good at this ||
  • Weaponry: A Zweihänder known as "Ombra".
  • Abilities: N/A
  • Known Techniques: Chidori Nagashi (Thousand Birds Current): Probable S:
    A close range raiton element ninjustu to be utilized in attack or defense, the user will focus the lighting current outside their body, or onto their sword. Should the target be hit by this technique, their body shall start to go numb, due to the user's weapon gaining the chidori's ability to cut through anything.

    Chidori Sword: Probable S:
    Shaping the lighting chakra to form a sword, this technique also takes the characteristics of the chidori ((and depending on the user's level of shape manipulation, the user can also extend the length of the lighting sword.

    Doryuu Heki ((Earth Style Prison Wall)): Rank B:
    Doryuu Heki is a defensive Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Earth Element. The ninja will do the necessary hand seals and then spew a line of mud onto the ground. The mud will then grow into a large mud wall to help defend against incoming attack.

    Shunshin No Jutsu ((Body Flicker Techinque): Rank D:
    Shunshin no Jutsu is a basic Ninjutsu technique. The ninja will appear and disappear in an instant, allowing them to retreat or attack suddenly. To facilitate the movement the ninja will often use nearby elements such as mist, sand or leaves to mask their appearance or disappearance.

    ((Meh for now. cheers And I meant a blade of chakra which can absorb one's elemental nature. << ))

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The Bad fellers--I mean the Crazy Pals
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