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 Sentinels Villains

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PostSubject: Sentinels Villains   Wed Jul 30, 2008 2:13 pm

Yakedo the Destroyer

|| My village record ||

* Name: Yakedo the Destroyer
* Age: Believe to be around the age of 17
* DOB: Unknown
* Rank: Jounnin level Mercenary
* Village: none
* Appearance: This youthful looking young woman has short and spikey fiery red hair and paper white skin. When traveling, which she usually always is she wears a heavy cloak made of a very fire resistant steel mesh. Her clothing is made a a very fine form of this weave and consists of silver and gold hues. She wears high top metallic boots and long metallic pants. Her hands are covered by mesh metal gloves. She wears a pair of dark tinted goggles on her forehead. The young woman stands about 5'9" inches tall.

|| It's just me ||

* Personality: Yakedo has a very fiery, short, temper. She thinks mostly for herself and strongly, but for obvious reasons, dislikes being around people.
* Background: Her parents home was found burned to the ground on the very night she was born, she was found, the only survivor, among the ashes. She was raised by
a strange old man deep in the mountains near her home. This kind soul raised her as a shinobi warrior and taught her how to harness the power she had little control
over. When the old man passed away her rage over came her and she lost what little control she had, burning acres of mountain forest to the ground. She now works
as a Mercenary for the highest bidder and has come into the reputation of being a merciless killer and destroyer of homes and lives.
* Likes: Vanilla Iced cream, green tea, and scenic rivers
* Dislikes: Crowds, loud noise, and spiders

|| I'm way good at this ||

* Weaponry: She wields no weapons put is very effective in unarmed combat.
* Abilities: Kasai-Seishin (Fire mind) This power allows her to create and exert a degree of control over fire. This control, however, is not absolute and can easily get out of control depending on the size and power of the flames.
* Known Techniques: Basic jutsu as well as several advanced (to be added later)
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Sentinels Villains
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