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 Cherry's Character Ranch

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PostSubject: Cherry's Character Ranch   Thu Sep 11, 2008 4:27 pm

A house, a rickety one at that, stands alone, overlooking the lands. A sign outside it reads; “Cherry’s Character Ranch” It’s quiet. Peaceful. The only sound is your breathing, and a figure – in a rocking chair, face hidden by a straw-hat, - gently rocking back and forward. You wonder if you should turn back, it’s too quiet for your liking. As you consider it, you realise it is too late. The figure has spotted you.

The figure stands off the chair and removes its hat, revealing a head of brown hair and a curious face. She walks towards you, with a fairly stupid grin on her face. “So,” she said, with a strange accent. Like a Scottish person unsuccessfully attempting a Western drawl. “What brings you round ‘ere then? You’re ‘ere to see the characters, I pre-sume?”

You nod hesitantly, this is getting weird…

“Yea, I’ll gie ya the ol’ grand tour, eh?”
She lit up and began her passage round to the back of the house, while gesturing for you to follow. “Come on, then!”

You follow, while getting more doubtful by the minute…

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Number of posts : 16
Age : 24
Location : The place with the Cone-Gatherers!
Registration date : 2008-08-16

PostSubject: Re: Cherry's Character Ranch   Sun Mar 29, 2009 5:56 am

She first pauses at a cage, decorated by bonsai trees. “I have to keep ‘em in cages, you ken? Otherwise they’ll all ‘n’ run off, yea.”

With a glance inside you spot a person, glaring at you and Cherry with a particular menace. You take a step back before inquiring about the trees.

“This one ‘ere comes from the forest, so I decorated it to pretend, ya see?”

Suddenly, the person in the cage lunges forward, and begins to throttle Cherry while reaching through the bars. She sputters and chokes while the girl begins shouting to let her go home.

Meanwhile, you check out the information board next to the cage…

Akatsuka, Saya of Kozuegakure
Too normal for her own good
    || My Village Record ||
      That's me:: Akatsuka, Saya
      Candles:: 15
      DOB:: 19th September
      To the top:: Chuunin
      Home sweet home:: Kozuegakure
      Reflection:: Saya is 5’6” tall and of an athletic build. Her hair is a light brown/dirty blonde colour and reaches to the end of back, although she usually has it in some form of plait or braid. Her eyes are also brown, but considerably darker than her hair.
      Saya’s usual attire consists of a net shirt, which is always covered by a blue jumper with large, loose sleeves. Along with this, she also wears a pair of black shorts, with net to just above her knees. Also, she wears long black boots, with open toes and her headband around her forehead. On her hands, she has a pair of dark gloves.

    || It's Just Me ||
      Little me:: Saya has always considered herself to be ‘one of the sensible ones’, who manages to think things through practically and not succumb to stress and pressure. She prefers to think things through and follow schedules, rather than to go with the flow as it gets things done. She also tends to keep her emotions mostly under check, as they usually get in the way. Her conversations, unless prompted, are usually some kind of cynical remark.

      She’s not totally emotionless however. Her family in particular happen to be the cause of much of this, whether it amusement, anger or anything really. Saya is fiercely protective of them.

      Life story:: Saya was born in Kozuegakure into a family of her two, ever so doting, parents and a ‘so annoying‘ elder brother. The first few years of her life she was the centre of attention and fuss for various relatives, much to her varying glee and annoyance, but either way, she adapted to it. When she reached five, Saya received a blow, consisting of a new baby sister. No longer the one with adorable chubby cheeks and such, she was cast aside for the time being.

      Now with more time to herself, she found herself slightly lonely. Luckily, her brother knew how she felt and took her under his wing. They became closer over the next few years and eventually Saya overcame her jealousy of her sister. The trio was now as thick as thieves, but by now they had little time for each other. Saya had begun as an academy student, and her brother a medic-nin.
      The next few years passed quickly. Saya enjoyed the Academy and passed humbly on to become a Genin and more recently a Chuunin. She now expresses dreams of raising through the ranks to becoming a Jounin, but she’s still far off.

      Love it:: Her family, sensible people, relaxing days off, organisation and an afternoon cup of tea.

      Hate it:: Idiots, clowns, long missions away from home, boredom, surprises and sour things.

    || Look what I can do ||
      Weaponry:: Apart from the regular shinobi gear consisting of kunai, shuriken, a few exploding tags and such, she favours a pair of katars. The smaller items are kept in her weapons pouch, tied to her right leg, while the katars are held safe in sheaths tied to her waist.

      Superpowers:: Saya’s strength lies in her taijutsu and her katars, making her best at close combat. Alongside that, she has also skilled in a few combat oriented ninjustu.

      Fear me:: A good ninja never reveals her tricks… (To be revealed/done later…)
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Cherry's Character Ranch
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