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 People you don't want to meet in a dark alley

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PostSubject: People you don't want to meet in a dark alley   Mon Mar 30, 2009 10:14 pm

Akuji, Miyoko of Chikagakure

|| My village record ||
  • Name: Akuji Miyoko, also known as the Butcher of Men
  • Age: looks to be around twenty
  • DOB: no records have been found
  • Rank: labeled as dangerous and one that should not be approached unarmed
  • Village: Ze was once from Chikagakure, however now ze wanders from village to village
  • Appearance: Miyoko is a rather tall individual, standing at nearly six feet with zer platform sandals on. Miyoko was blessed with extremely feminine looks, causing most people to believe that Miyoko is female. Miyoko's silver hair is kept long and tied back into a high ponytail with a thin red ribbon. When tied up Miyoko's hair ends at just about zer lower back and when it's loose it falls well past zis waist. Zis outfit choice is usually of a kimono style dress, the upper part of which always slightly open and loose, nearly hanging off one shoulder but never seeming to slip off, and the bottom part of the dress open just enough so that you can see most of zer legs. They dress is oriental red with a pink, blue, and green floral pattern, and to finish off the outfit is a pair of platform gold sandals. Many people have commented that Miyoko looks more like a wandering geisha than a psychotic killer.

|| It's just me ||
  • Personality: Miyoko is, quiet frankly, completely out of zer mind. However most people are fooled by zis quiet politeness to realize just how insane ze really is. Most people are confused about Miyoko's gender, and the way zhe acts doesn't help matters. Along with zer rather feminine features and the way ze carries zerself Miyoko has a oddly monotone voice that does nothing to help give away just exactly what ze is. It also doesn't help that from time to time zhe acts like a psychotic diva, which anyone will see if they ever try to touch zis face.
  • Background: Not much is really known about Miyoko's younger years. In fact, not much is really known about the Butcher of Men. The only reason people can tie Miyoko to the incidence is because before some of Miyoko's unluckier victims managed to survive long enough to tell of a silver haired "woman" with a hatchet. Even unluckier ones managed to get through at least a few minutes of the encounter before finally dying, in most cases due to a severe lack of blood and extreme trauma.
  • Likes: Miyoko is rather found of bloody dead things, especially people, believing that they are the most beautiful things in this world. Other then that Miyoko likes to hack people into pieces and is known to favor whole arms. What zhe does with them is unknown.
  • Dislikes: Miyoko hates things that ze finds 'ugly', which is pretty much secretly everything that isn't dead. Should zhe happen to find something living that ze actually likes zhe will kill it to make it beautiful. Another thing Miyoko can't stand is people touching or attempting to injure or scar zer face.

|| I'm way good at this ||
  • Weaponry: Miyoko doesn't care kunai or shuriken, which is odd for anyone who has ever studied to become a ninja. However, Miyoko does have a weapon. It is a rather large hatched looking sword with a handle wrapped in leather. The blade itself is black as onyx and shines in even the dullest of light. There are a few symbols carved into the blade, however because the metal is so black they can no longer be seen, only felt by touch. Miyoko wields this wicked hatchet like a madman, using it as if ze were hacking up prize boar rather than human flesh.
  • Abilities: Other than zer Earth affinity that gives zis attacks the element of Earth Miyoko has no special abilities.
  • Known Techniques: As no one has ever really survived an encounter with Miyoko that turned violent there are no records of known techniques for zim. (To be listed as the roleplay progresses)
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People you don't want to meet in a dark alley
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