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 Sansai Okibi, Flame guard

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PostSubject: Sansai Okibi, Flame guard   Sat Apr 11, 2009 5:54 pm

Sansai Okibi of Hinotegakure

|| My village record ||
  • Name: Sansai Okibi
  • Age: 21
  • DOB: Dec. 12th
  • Rank: Jounin
  • Village: Hinotegakure
  • Appearance: Average height, wears light chainmail under his jacket.

|| It's just me ||
  • Personality: Light Hearted and joking with friends, he can be a bit of a goof at times but in battle he is deadly serious.
  • Background: Oki is a Flame guard in Kemurigakure, one of the Special Jounin assigned to guard and protect the Daimyo. He has always lived in the shadow if his older brother, a Flame guard captain who received the position by the face that he was the oldest. Dismayed with being eternally second best, he gave up even trying, annoying his brother with his lack of respect for their order. His brother was further annoyed when the slacker made the ranks of the flame guards easily, something that had been hard for him. He is constanly giving Oki crappy missions and chores wasting his abilities. Recently Oki Made Jounin and no longer take orders from his brother.
  • Likes: Goofing off, Practicing his skills and anything dango.
  • Dislikes: His older brother

|| I'm way good at this ||
  • Weaponry: Halberd
  • Abilities: Focuses mostly on flame based Jutsu.
  • Known Techniques: Kaen maru no Jutsu
    Katon:Kaen no Teikiatsu (more to be added later.)

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Sansai Okibi, Flame guard
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