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 Read (Profile Skeleton)

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PostSubject: Read (Profile Skeleton)   Mon Nov 05, 2007 11:23 pm

The Bingo Book is where profiles for enemies are placed. Like the other profile forum, each member is to have one topic, in which other members are not to post in. Any extra or unneeded topics will be deleted.
<font size="5">(Name: Last, First) of (Village)</font>
<blockquote><img src="INSERT URL" align="right">
<font size="3">|| <b>My village record</b> ||</font><ul><li><b>Name:</b> <font size="1">(Same as above, last and first. Also, any nicknames?)</font>
<li><b>Age:</b> <font size="1">(Self-explanatory)</font>
<li><b>DOB:</b> <font size="1">(Date of Birth)</font>
<li><b>Rank:</b> <font size="1">(Self-explanatory)</font>
<li><b>Village:</b> <font size="1">(Choose any that exists in the RP)</font>
<li><b>Appearance:</b> <font size="1">(height, color, clothing, anything not in the pic)</font></ul>
<font size="3">|| <b>It's just me</b> ||</font><ul><li><b>Personality:</b> <font size="1">(Self-explanatory)</font>
<li><b>Background:</b> <font size="1">(Biography: Not optional, one paragraph consists of ATLEAST 6 sentences.)</font>
<li><b>Likes:</b> <font size="1">(Any favorites?)</font>
<li><b>Dislikes:</b> <font size="1">(Pet-peeves?)</font></ul>
<font size="3">|| <b>I'm <i>way</i> good at this</b> ||</font><ul><li><b>Weaponry:</b> <font size="1">(Self-explanatory)</font>
<li><b>Abilities:</b> <font size="1">(This includes kekkei genkai)</font>
<li><b>Known Techniques:</b> <font size="1">(List down any jutsu, please include ranks)</font>
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Read (Profile Skeleton)
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