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 Shadow's Sinistry

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PostSubject: Shadow's Sinistry   Sat Dec 01, 2007 11:17 pm

I am: Hibiki
I'm this old: 27
I'm so bad: S-class criminal
I use: Basic shinobi gear / scrolls
Groupie: Unkown
Kekkei Genkai: Ryuugan - Orange colored eyes with slits for pupils. What is known about this bloodline trait is that it allows the user to see slightly into the past or future. May have other abilities.
Back then: The people of the village she once belonged to were highly superstitious, and in turn planned the extermination of her clan. Only the handful who possessed the Ryuugan got away. The group managed to get as far as the mountain passes, where the majority of what was left starve to death or become cannibals. Only Hibiki was able to make it to food and shelter. The years progressed, and she was banned from Kandangakure as well after being accused of a crime she says didn't commit.
I forgot about: Due to the visions she gets, Hibiki is normally withdrawn and unpredictable. She, as well as everyone else, hates her eyes. Because of past experiences, they developed at an unprecedented rate and haunt her with horrible sights. Every now and then she'll go mad. Her specialty lies in her summoning scrolls.

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Shadow's Sinistry
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