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 Inu's Demons.

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PostSubject: Inu's Demons.   Mon Dec 03, 2007 9:18 pm


I am: Zetsumei, Kiro. "Tsume" Tsume means claw. In his claw, he is know as the Death Claw. It is a name he kept even after banishment.
I'm this old: 28
I'm so bad: Missing-Nin
I use: He fights using a basic Katana, he carries two.
Groupie: Zetsumei.
Kekkei Genkai: His Kekkei Genkai allows him to sap chakra out of his enemies. He is able to steal chakra from people even through inanimate objects. Say your standing on the floor, if he touches the same plank as you are, he can steal your chakra. It doesn't work well with dirt or sand. In water, this ability is amplified.
Back then: Biography, 5 Sentences MINIMUM.
I forgot about: Other: Personality, skills, techniques, etc...

((I'm gonna finish this later))
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Inu's Demons.
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