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 Psychic Roleplay Under Construction

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PostSubject: Psychic Roleplay Under Construction   Tue Dec 04, 2007 12:09 am

Table of Contents:

1 ) Table of Contents

2 ) Rules

3 ) History / Description

4 ) Updates / Story Updates

5 ) Layout of Base / Description of Base / Items of Interest

6 ) Matrix Team

7 ) Jobs / Powers

8 ) Profile Sheet

9 ) Characters
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PostSubject: Re: Psychic Roleplay Under Construction   Tue Dec 04, 2007 12:29 am


1 ) Literacy is a must. Make posts in the past-tense, third-person paragraph form. For Out-of-Character text, keep it all within (( xxx )) or [[ xxx ]]. I should'nt have to post this, but I do for precautionary measures.

2 ) No god-modding. Another thing I shouldn't have to mention, but I do for the reason mentioned earlier.

3 ) Avoid short posts as best as you can. I understand that writer's block may occur and that in dialogue, it cuts it all apart, but please refrain from making it a habit.

4 ) Swearing is allowed, but let's keep that to a minimum. Some people get uneasy at the sight or sound of some of those words.

5 ) Don't kill a character unless you have been given their consent and mine. On top of that, no killing any of the Matrix Team or Generals. You may challenge their authority and/or power, but I'll make sure your character feels the iron fist.

6 ) Enjoy yourself, but keep in mind that I will make this Roleplay as realistic as possible and carry reactions to your actions. Aside from that, put as much (or as little) emotion as you wish into your character, it makes the Roleplay more interesting.

7 ) Ask questions! If you want to know something, don't think I'll be bothered with you asking me anything. I'll be glad that you're interested enough to want to know more!

8 ) Please, people playing the Matrix Team members, use the colors assigned to the specific character in your post so I know where the biggest parts of the story may be. (Not that original characters aren't a big part of the storyline)
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PostSubject: Re: Psychic Roleplay Under Construction   Tue Dec 04, 2007 12:38 am

History / Description

In the year 2021, it has been predicted that the sun will go super nova. The after effect is that all planets in this solar system will be obliterated. It was decided by the governments on Earth to use all the secret technology that had been collected from crashed alien ships to create “bases” that could go into space and take survivors to a planet that had been discovered by one of the satellites that had been sent out of the solar system (Voyager 1). The world’s governments had been secretly creating these bases, and had been searching out and collecting people with strange psychic powers. These people were considered part of the “New Generation” of humans. It was only these people that would be able to control the bases in outer space.
Around the world many people had been discovered and have been offered the chance to go places humans have never gone, and to learn things that some humans may never know. The bases were located all over the globe, but in all there were only a 2 in China, 1 in Russia (Decommissioned), 1 in Europe, 1 in the UK, 2 in Africa, and 3 in the United States. One is being built in Australia. Unfortunately, because there are so few people eligible to become Matrix's, only the 2 in the US, the 1 in the UK, 1 in China, and 1 in Africa may be able to be sent into space.
The base this story takes place in is the one in the Cascade Mountains of Washington in the US. This base is one of the older ones and has more personnel, but not enough students to help ensure a growth in the future colony. So now the Cascade base is recruiting for students and younger teens with any sort of psychic abilities.

This is a Roleplay about Psychic abilities. The people are collected and trained to survive on the bases that will be launched into space in an attempt to save the human race.
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PostSubject: Re: Psychic Roleplay Under Construction   Tue Dec 04, 2007 12:44 am

Updates / Story Updates:


This is where I'll put upcoming events I have planned for the big scheme of the roleplay. They will be dated when I place them so people know how 'fresh' they are. Check here often.

Story Updates

This will have weekly summaries of what's happened in the Roleplay in case anyone anyone had taken an unexpected leave and needed to know what happened while they were away. If someone let me know they would be away ahead of time, I'll have a summary built specifically for their absence.
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PostSubject: Re: Psychic Roleplay Under Construction   Tue Dec 04, 2007 1:31 am

Layout of Base / Description of Base / Items of Interest

Layout of Base

For the time being, this will be left blank. Hopefully by the end of this week, I'll have drawn images of the floors of this base so it's easier to picture in your head. Until then, work with what you have, I guess.

Description of Base

The base has two outer shields to protect it from space. One is a dome around the ground floor; the other is the shield that covers the whole base when activated by the Matrix, usually in emergencies. Above ground, before the base is launched into space, the dome is eight to nine stories high. Under ground the base is over thirty stories deep. The base has four large gardens over the water treatment plants and is well equipped for a colony to stay in space for all of time if needed.

Ground Level
The ground level is made up of six buildings that can be seen automatically: the Garage, the pool, the recreation building, the gym, the cafe, and the matrix tower. Before it is launched into space, there is no dome covering the garden between the gym and cafe. That is because this was known as the main entrance to enter the base. Only authorized personnel were allowed onto the base while it was grounded.

Matrix Tower
The Matrix Tower is made up of six stories. The first floor is the public elevators - or elevators for those who aren't authorized to go into the upper levels of the Matrix Tower. Also on the first floor are four offices where the head of the base is likely to be found, and a few administrative type people. The second floor is an elevator transfer, along with the third floor. Also on the second and third floor there are nine practice rooms strictly for the Matrix Teams’ use. The fourth floor, or first floor of the control room, is where the Matrix and her team are set up to control the ship. The second floor of the control room is more like an observation deck. You can stand around the edge and look down at the Matrix Team. The final floor is the Matrix Teams’ private quarters. There are twelve for the ten members along with sofas out side of the rooms for the team to get together and talk in private. It's also where major conferences are held. Only the highest level of technicians, the heads of each branch of the base (such as fighters, healers, teachers, etc.) and the Matrix Team are allowed in the final three floors of the Matrix Tower.

The Garage is made up of two stories and the roof. Each parking spot is about four feet by eight feet. The larger parking spots (there are a few) are mainly for large buses that are used for the final transportation of people to the base before the base is sent into space. Most of the cars are government issued, created to move on any terrain and powered by solar, wind, and electric. There are a few non government cars, driven in by the people selected early on to live on base. Just sort of ignore the fact that the spaces aren't accurate on the picture.

Matrix Team Rooms
1 - Sarah
2 - Laura
3 - David
4 - Elena Kikorov
5 - Candice
6 - Max
7 - Tessa
8 - Seto
9 - Simon
10 - Etichi
11 - Tyler
12 - Seth

Recreation Building
The Recreation Building is made up of three floors. The first floor is full of sofas, couches, tables, and a stage. Over the stage is a drop down screen used for projecting movies once a week. The first floor is mostly a quiet place where people get together to read, chat, and relax. The second floor is considered the bar. Though children are allowed here, alcoholic beverages are served, but in limited amount. There are pool tables, ping pong tables, table soccer games, and places where people to go and eat. The third floor is a huge arcade and indoor jungle gym. There are also simulator games that make one feel like they are actually in a fighter jet. There are hundreds of different games on this floor and an area for prizes. These prizes tend to be small toys, candy, and small entertainment systems just big enough for a persons sleeping quarters.

Because of how many people are on the base and how small the pool is, you have to sign up for a time slot to go and enjoy the pool. There are times saved for class swimming lessons so those times are unavailable. There is a sauna and hot tub you have to sign a reservation for as well. During the week, you are allowed to sign up twice for each thing, the pool, the sauna, and the hot tub. You can not sign for each thing in the same day. If you decide one day that you don't want to go swimming or use the hot tub or sauna, you have to go to the pool building and cross out your name on the time sheet so that some one else can sign up. There are a limited amount of lockers on the other side of the showers.

The gymnasium is made up of two floors and the roof. The first floor has the restrooms and the many lockers, along with seven indoor courts. These courts must be signed out at certain times. Each one is equipped with a net, basket ball hoops, soccer nets and so on. The second floor has the wrestling mats, weight training equipment, treadmills, and other exercise equipment. There are also two large rooms that have scheduled classes from Yoga to dance and different types of martial arts. You can only sign up for one class at a time. The roof is mostly a large track. It also has a run and jump sand pit, a pole vault cushion, and archery/hurdle pit.

The café has two floors. The first floor has the two larger kitchens and more food selections. There aren't that many seats available so people tend to take their food up to the second floor by taking the escalators. The elevators are only there for item delivery. The second floor has the two smaller kitchens, but more seating. There is also a vantage point where you can look down on the first floor.

There are two floors of the hangar. On each floor there are seventy-two planes on the hanger floor waiting to exit in uniform precision. There are also forty plains hanging over the floor so when the seventy-two are sent out, the forty can be lowered and sent out as well. In all, there are 224 planes and 300 pilots. In order to make sure there is plenty of room, the planes wings can fold up when not being used.

Maintenance / Medical
The medical and maintenance are on the same floor. The medical and maintenance floor is one of the most important. No other information is present at this time.

School / Library
Because of how many classrooms are needed and how many students there are, students have assigned times there are to go to class throughout the week. Most students only go to class four to five days a week, depending on the grade they are in. On the same floor is the library. There are many rows of books here, most saved on computer discs because of how much room books take. There are also video files in the library for those who want to watch movies in their room.

Practice / Training / Simulator Rooms
There are over 170 practice/training/simulator rooms on this floor as well as on the other practice/training/simulator floor. Each one can be used as a quiet study room, a simulator for jet fighter practice, driving, etc., training rooms for control of psychic abilities, maintenance practice, etc. These rooms must also be signed out at certain times. For those waiting, there are sofas outside of the elevators.

The baths are separated into men and women. There are changing rooms, small baths that need to be signed out and reserved, enough showers for everyone, and restrooms.

Sleeping Quarters
On each Sleeping Quarters floor there are over 534 rooms. On each of the four floors there are 132 double rooms and 402 single rooms. The double rooms are meant for couples while the single rooms are for people that aren't in a relationship and for children. If a parent wishes to have their child close to them, they can ask for a double room next to a single room. There are some single rooms that happen to have bunk beds for the younger children that have siblings. At the timebefore launch into space, there will be approximately 1000 people living on base. So the numbers will increase. In each single room there is a bathroom with a toilet and sink, a closet, a dresser, a desk and shelving. In the double there are two dressers, a desk, a larger closet, larger shelving, and a bathroom. In each room there is a laptop that can play movies, play games, use Word, and access the base internet when in space, and the world internet when grounded. One quarter of floor four is dedicated to the children of the base.

Assigned Rooms
Floor One

Floor Two

Floor Three

Floor Four

Items of Interest

This is where I'll describe and show drawings of a few items that will be presented to the characters of this Roleplay. Seeing as it's only the beginning, only the basics will be introduced when the time comes.
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PostSubject: Re: Psychic Roleplay Under Construction   Tue Dec 04, 2007 1:35 am

Matrix Team

Of the characters in this Roleplay, these few of the Matrix Team are a little more important


1 ) Technician
2 ) Transmitter (watches the equipment)
3 ) Terminal
4 ) Guardian
5 ) Watcher (watches vital signs)
6 ) Empath / Telepath (watches brain wave patterns)
7 ) Connector
8 ) CGE (watches computer grid)
9 ) Computer Matrix

The numbers are a visual representation of where the Matrix Team is placed to guide the base throughout space. The Matrix Team is made up of people who are capable of connecting to the Computer Matrix easily. The balance of powers and personalities between the Team and the Matrix itself must be perfect, otherwise there would be severe consequences to the Matrix during connection. Members of the Matrix Team have three or more psychic powers, whereas most others have one or two.

1 ) Technician
The technician is the one who watches for any unbalance in wiring and circuitry. If one thing starts acting up he instantly switches the power from that circuit or wire to an emergency one so that the circuit or wiring that is malfunctioning can be repaired.

2 ) Transmitter
The transmitter watches the bands and helmet on the matrix to make sure they are recording and transmitting properly. If on of the black transmitter bands start recording wrong, even slightly she uses her numbers to recalibrate it. Once the matrix is disconnected from the computer, the transmitter watcher replaces the band or helmet and takes it to get fixed.

3 ) Terminal
The terminal is the person who initiates and disconnects the connection between the matrix and the super computer. During connection, the terminal makes sure the connection stays balanced, if not strong between the computer and matrix. If the matrix disconnects slightly, then she may loose her mind and go into a coma. This only happens if she starts to disconnect without going through one of the special procedures.

4 ) Guardian
The guardian must also be a matrix. He also has transmitting bands and a helmet on when the matrix is connected. His job is to help support and guide the matrix as she connects with the computer. He is not necessarily connected with the computer, more like with the matrix. If something happens to the matrix, and she has to do an emergency disconnection, then he will take her place. The way a matrix is chosen to become a guardian or to stay a matrix is their powers and stability of mind. If one becomes a guardian, then one is slightly less powerful then a matrix, but could still be a matrix in case of emergencies.

5 ) Watcher
The watcher is the person who watches the matrix’s vital signs. During connection, she watches her pulse, breathing in take, heart rate, nervous system and any other vital or major system in her body. The screen is so complex that it would take the average person hours to figure everything out. It only takes her precisely one-and-a-half seconds to read, analyze, and understand what he is looking at. If something drops or rises slightly, she first informs the transmitter to make sure the bands are functioning, and then she adjusts some of the bands functions to keep the vital signs balanced.

6 ) Empath / Telepath
The empath is the one who is constantly watching the matrix’s brain waves and emotional output. If Sarah starts to get overstressed or upset she will instantly alert the connector and the guardian so that they can help relax her. If worse comes to worse, the empath can take the Matrix' emotions and keep them inside her until she has disconnected.

7 ) Connector
The connector has to be telepathic. He is mainly there for emergency purposes only. The connector is the person who relays messages between the team and the matrix when and if the headgear for both the matrix and guardian breaks. He also makes sure that all messages being given to the matrix are clear and precise. He can also have the job of relying messages from other connectors on the station and even on fighters to the matrix.

8 ) CGE
A CGE (Computer Grid Expert) is the person who watches the charts, graphs, grids, and sends the holo-screens to the matrix. He is the one who constantly watches the grids that have to do with the space around the ship and the space around the fighters. His job is an important one because he has to make sure everyone has their holo-screens. He has to have a deep understanding of computers and should be able to pull up any chart, graph, or grind in and instant.

9 ) Computer Matrix
The computer Matrix is the person how is able to totally and utterly connect into the super computer. The Matrix makes it so that there doesn’t have to be more personal then is needed to make the ship stay in functioning order. Very few people can become Matrixes because of the fact that it is a simple matter for the computer to pull someone’s mind apart. A matrix must have a total balance of psychic powers which include telepathy, empathy, telekinesis, and so on. A Matrix must also have a faster ability to analyze what is happening in and around the ship and fighters. Only the Matrix is able to connect deeply into the super computer. She keeps shields up, is the main defense for the ship, and she is the pilot for the ship. Sometimes, depending on how large a base is, there are two Matrixes for each team. Both Matrixes are able to work well with the team and with each other. This way, if one matrix is burned out or exhausted, the other can step in. Sometimes, one Matrix is more trained then the other and takes up the role of personal tutor along with the guardian. (The second Matrix is eligible for creation by another)
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PostSubject: Re: Psychic Roleplay Under Construction   Thu Dec 20, 2007 1:05 am

Jobs / Powers

The list of Jobs listed here are just as important as the Matrix Team's. The Jobs are mainly to keep the basic system of New Hope intact. When you make your profile, decide on a Job and Powers. If I notice that the Job and Powers are oddly put together, I'd suggest a change to make it better suit you before I accept it. Note that I'm not making you change the Job or Powers, I'm just suggesting better options. Also, powers that an original character has that is not listed below aren't available to original characters without going through me. Powers that are followed by asterisks go by the same rules.


Fighters are normally Telepathic and Clairvoyant or Precognitive because of their capability to sense offensive strikes and maneuvers before they happen. They are also the jet fighter pilots when under attack in space or the sky.

Healers often have Clairaudience and can repair wounds rather quickly and few are able to heal injuries spontaneously.

Computer Personnel
Computer Personnel have Telekinesis and/or Telepathy to some extent. They are the ones who manage all information and contacting the base on Earth to make sure things are running smoothly while in space.

Professors are mostly able to use Telepathy and a small amount of Empathy. This is mainly to keep tabs on the students when the Professors aren't actually paying attention to them. They're the ones that teach the students on New Hope.

Engineers have to be skilled with Telekinesis in some way, but may also have the ability of Clairvoyance and Pyrokinesis and sometimes Steelgenesis. Engineers can reapir anything on the ship, so long as they have the clearance to repair the part.

Locaters have the ability of Clairvoyance to a strong degree. This helps them do exactly as their name implies, locate, whether it be a person or material. On the new planet, the Locaters are the ones who will find the perfect landing point because of their ability to find bodies of water and sources of food.

A limited job only offered to those who have Precognition or Vicisos. The Oracle is there to relay any and all events that may or may not occur to or around the base. An Oracle tends to use a looking glass, a crystal, or a bowl of water to help concentrate their powers on a distant object or event.

If you have another job not listed here, check it with me before deciding for sure that it's what you want. Students are implied, but no other job is absolutely necessary until the jobs are assigned. Some of these jobs may be cancelled for characters and they might be forced into a Matrix Team job in order to hold up the need for newer members.


You might notice that some of the Matrix Team have type-specific psychic powers. This just gives them a better understanding of the type of whatever it is. For example, a Mathematical-Telepath simply means that they have a better understanding of math-like things and think mathematically. This allows for a more diverse range of abilities over just the basics listed below.

Someone who has the perception of information about events external to the self not gained through the senses and not deducible from previous experience.

Someone capable of moving many physical objects simply by using their mind. By changing the prefix of 'tele-' to either 'pyro-', 'aqua-', 'aero-', 'aurura-', 'terra-', or 'steel-', your Telekinetic skill will only focus on that element, though it will be exponentially more effective on that material than a basic Telekinetic is on their wide range of targets.

Someone with a form of extra-sensory perception whereby a person perceives distant objects, persons, or events, including "seeing" through opaque objects and the detection of types of energy not normally perceptible to humans.

The ability to hear the inner currents of the nervous system. Hearing in one's mind the words of inner-plane beings or earthly beings not physically present. This is good for those who wish to become healers.

Out-of-Body Experiencer
Someone with a multi-dimensional consciousness where one's senses operate and view from outside one's own body. Also called astral projection. This is good for those who send their astral projections outside the base, into space, to see if there is any external damage that is undetectable by computer. Also to view the area around the base at a different level.

Someone who can view events before they take place.

Someone who can create fire with their mind. This goes by the same rules as kinetic abilities go with prefixes. This ability doesn't necessarily mean you can control the object you generated unless your skill is high with it or you have its corresponding kinesis.

Someone who can feel the emotions of others. Severe Empaths are capable of projecting emotions on others, though these people are very rare.

Someone who can travel from one place to another in an instant. This power varies by level in its effectiveness, normally preventing the user from travelling more than a mile away because of the need for concentration and the need to know exactly where they are arriving. It's a very rare ability that takes time to learn to control, so the first abilities are normally teleporting smaller objects and not themselves. Teleporters can only transport one object or person (if possible) at a time.

Someone who can transform all materials into something of equal value in materials. It's much like transmutation, but without the need to acutally touch anything, just focus. When working with living materials, more concentration is required, but repairing wounds is easier for a Translator than any other person with psychic abilities.

Someone who can view something from any time or distance away, though they need to have someone else aid them to use this power. Someone with Vicisos is capable of sensing danger from a large distance away or in another time, though it causes them to zone out. A Vicisect is normally affected by many forms of psychological problems because of the first signs of Vicisos forcing images into their minds. Without control, a Vicisect can have several fainting spells every day because the Vicisos randomly occurs to their advantage. Someone with Vicisos needs another person to help them because returning to reality is almost impossible alone and they may get trapped in their own power.

Aside from the other kinetics, this power is very unique. Someone with Chronokinesis is able to control time to great extents, given their skill in the power. At first, a Chronokinetic can only pause time for seconds at a time or slow it down for a very short time. This also varies in the space of time controlled. This space is based on a radius and the smaller the space, the more time granted for use. If only focused on a single person or animal, a Chronokinetic may be able to control the time involving that target for several minutes before being fatigued in the mind. If the power is over-used or over-extended, the Chronokinetic may be out for a few hours to several weeks before waking up to use their powers again.

Someone with Ozmosis is able to phase through physical objects by breaking apart their molecular structure and vibrating through it, much unlike Telepotation, which involves simply appearing in a new place. Also unlike Teleportation, an Ozmotic doesn't need to know their destination to get there because they, themselves, move to the target destination. Ozmosis take years of practice to use regularly and a much longer time to master or try to master. This power causes much fatigue to the body and mind and will only 'awaken' after training in already-existing powers to increase their stamina physically and psychicly.
After mastering Ozmosis, an Ozmotic may experience forms of Shadowing.

Also known as Advanced Ozmosis. Someone with Shadowing has all the abilities of an Ozmotic plus more. A Shade has several positives and negatives to their power. A few positives are the abilities the power offers. For one, a Shade can become part of a shadow, actually becoming another person. This also allows them to Teleport between shadows without actually needing to know where they are going exactly, so long as a shadow exists somewhere near there. With training, a Shade may also be able to take another person or persons with them while they Shadow for a mass transportation. Shadowing also can help one hide while still pertaining the five senses.
The downfalls to Shadowing are very, very negative for the ability. Aside from only being able to use the ability three times within a certain amount of time without going into a comatose, decided by their skill in Shadowing, Shadowing causes severe depression. This is because of how their personality is lost every time they use the ability, eating away at them and making them become another person. In rare cases, the person could develop schizophrenia to cope with the loss of their personality. There is also a high rate of going into shock and quite possibly dying for a Shade during their Shadowing because of the serious strain on both the mind and body.
A Shade, though may never have used their power, loses their shadow because it becomes a part of them.
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PostSubject: Re: Psychic Roleplay Under Construction   Thu Dec 20, 2007 1:58 pm

Profile Sheet

This is how I want the profiles to appear. Please PM them to me because I'll have a post specifically designed to place the profiles.

Character Name:
Psychic Power: (Choose only two for now)
Job: (Choose one or just use student if you don't want one)
Description: (A picture is fine here, but use a few words to describe them, please)
Bio: (Optional, but would be appreciated)
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PostSubject: Re: Psychic Roleplay Under Construction   

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Psychic Roleplay Under Construction
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