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 Sora's Characters

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I look like: Tallisa has dark red hair, that she usually wears back in a ponytail. She only occasionally wears it down, since she thinks it just gets in the way. But it's always tied back with a ribbon of some color. Her eyes like to change color, shifting from different shades of brown to green depending on her mood. Her skin is pale, since she's a redhead, but somehow she doesn't have freckles. For which, she and her twin sister are both thankful. Her typical outfits usually consist of cargo-style pants, shorts, whatever the weather calls for, with a piece of red cloth tied around her waist (the ends reach just above her knees). Her shirt always remains the same. It is a red and brown sleeveless, button-up top. It is much like a revised version of the chuunin vest. Under it she wears a fishnet shirt that goes up her neck and about halfway down her arms. Sometimes she wears gloves.
I am: Mikage, Tallis
I'm this old: 17
My ranking: Chuunin
I use: Posion-tipped needles, kunai, shuriken. She tends to like to tie the needles to strings and repeatedly stab her opponents.
Groupie: None, really. The Mikage's aren't that well known, and their kekkei genkai isn't that great.
Kekkei Genkai: The Meimei Chisoku. This is strictly only to be used as a last resort, seeing as it completely drains the user of chakra. The user uses a combination of taijutsu and genjutsu, to the point where they can not be seen by their opponent or be hit easily. It's a very evasive and offensive jutsu. Though due to the chakra usage of it, they cannot maintain it for very long or use it more than once a day.
Back then: Tallis was born into a five child home, being dead center of the little group, though she has a twin sister. Growing up she was never very helpful to ehr parents and siblings, always getting into fights with her sister and causing trouble on a daily basis. But, on the other hand, she was an excellent student and graduated from the Academy with ease, as did her sister, though with not quite as excellent scores. Tallis took the Chuunin Exams two years after she left the Academy, and passed. Now she helps her parents run a small farming business, not really planning on doing much with herself as far as being a Shinobi. She will happily go on missions and such if she is told to, though.
I forgot about: She has a fairly bossy attitude sometimes, with slight violent tendencies. As in, she can, and will, throw whatever she can get her hands on at you. But that's only on rare occasion. She can also be fairly lazy, as I said before, she only does what she has to do. It's rare for Tallis to go out of her way for something. That just means that she listens well, and is often her siblings' human diary. Her mind is quick and she won't hesitate to use sarcasm or a witty comment whenever she can. Tallis likes to read a lot in her spare time, when she isn't taking care of her younger siblings (ages eleven and eight), or just meandering around the village. She doesn't like to admit it, but despite her indifferent attitude, she does aspire to just be a successful person with her own husband and family in the future. Being a shinobi is just an occupation to her, nothing more.
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Sora's Characters
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