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 Asoto Maiden - Wakeful Heart - Part A

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PostSubject: Asoto Maiden - Wakeful Heart - Part A   Mon Dec 10, 2007 2:06 pm

I thought of this story when listening to the Song Paradisum.

Her eyes opened. Everything was a blur. She lay suspended in a starry liqiud.Her long, auburn hair floated around her."She's awake!" She heard someone yell."Drain it then!" A higher voice responded. In a few moments, the starry liqiud was draining away, and her vision was becoming normal."Ah, your finally awake Asoto Maiden," The high voice started ," I'm Carah Lou. Since you are awake, you should have the right to know what we are doing to you. You are a young lady who has been selected for a few..... tests." Carah had hesitated before saying tests, but she went on. " Asoto, the research study that will be performed on you will come soon.Until then, relax and enjoy yourself." Carah walked away, leaving the room empty, except for the glass case that held Asoto.She looked around and say many technical devices, which would no doubt be used on her.I've got to get out of here! Asoto though to herself.She could not speak, for there was a small breathing device over her mouth. Asoto tried to move, but a few chains held her up.Her hair was now hanging down at the sides of her face.Asoto continued to look around, and at the door she saw a dark, lithe male figure.For once, this person was not dressed in a slate white medical and scientific lab coat

I will post more later.
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Asoto Maiden - Wakeful Heart - Part A
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