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 LUCiFER'z Baddies -molests-

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PostSubject: LUCiFER'z Baddies -molests-   Wed Dec 26, 2007 3:20 am

(Name: Snyder, Luci) of (The Village Hidden in the Flowers)

|| My village record ||
  • Name: (Snyder, Luci; Lucifer the Fallen [ He's almost as bad as Satan himself and is kicked out of the Flower Village, many coincidences~ ] / Cheshire [ 'cause of his eerie smile in battle ])
  • Age: ( 18 )
  • DOB: (February 14)
  • Rank: (Missing Nin)
  • Village: (Kadangakure)
  • Appearance: (5' 7"; usually wears the same clothes, just not covered in keys xD)

|| It's just me ||
  • Personality: (Polite and kind it makes you suspicious of why Luci is so nice in the first place, which is exactly what he doesn't want. Even though he's like that in public his mask slips off in battle and he becomes himself: a sadistic, murderous psychopath. <3 lol)
  • Background: (Grew up in Kadangakure with his mother, who had him out of her love with a demon. But shortly after Luci was born his father was sealed and sent far, far away. Living with the hatred of the whole town and everyone but his mother Luci finally snapped when shinobi killed his mother in front of him, planning to kill him, too. That promptly led to his killing them and chasing the sole survivor back to their headquarters, where he had his revenge for his poor mother by slaughtering them all. Since then he's been wanted and hunted by his village, living on his own on the road, accepting odd jobs here and there. Works mostly as a mercenary now-a-days.)
  • Likes: ( Cigarettes, blood, dancing, techno music, candy and men. <3)
  • Dislikes: ( Dramatics, lecturers, illiterates, rap, rude people, buck teeth, shower curtains, etc.)

|| I'm way good at this ||
  • Weaponry: (Razor Wire [ coiled in bells on bracelets, on either wrist, and a necklace ] / Kunai Bombs [ Kunai with exploding tags on them ])
  • Abilities: (His kekkei genkai, if you can call it that, is the slight control over ice and water he got from his father. He's not a natural at it, like his father was, but Luci's getting the hang of it.)
  • Known Techniques: (Snake bite [gathers chakra around either hand forming a snake like shape; the wielder strikes vital areas] / Cheshire Cat [The Jutsu got it's name from the claws, ears, and tail that are made with chakra combined with Luci's creepy smile; Allows inhanced agility + balance])
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LUCiFER'z Baddies -molests-
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