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Tatsu Hissori of Suichuugakure

|| My village record ||
  • Name: Tatsu Hissori
  • Age: 19
  • DOB: March 5th
  • Rank: Chunin
  • Village: Suichuugakure
  • Appearance: Tatsu Hissori is an odd looking chunin. Standing at five-foot ten inches with a slender frame, he seems quite girlish. However, he has several hundred scars across his body. The scars stand out as his skin has the complexion of the make-up used by performer to make them look ghoulish or dead. His albino-like features continues on to the whiteness of his hair. Cut short, the hair is slightly curly and messy, unlike the rest off him.

    His clothes are nice and pressed. He wears a black vest with a wide V-line neck that reveals an fishnet undershirt. The sleeves on the undershirt only come to about the elbows. His right arm is covered by a long glove, belted in two locations to avoid it sliding down on accident. The glove hides a flame like pattern of skin discoloration running from the ring finger to his elbow. His other arm is also gloved and held up by two arm bands. Golden and gem studded, they matched two rings lower on the hand. His pants are nothing too special, black like the rest of his attire and loose enough to move in. A pouch rests at his side and opposite it two scrolls rest on his leg.

|| It's just me ||
  • Personality: Hissori is kind and polite to almost everyone. He makes judgments of people quickly, and treats them with as much respect as he deems they deserve. He often teaches those he likes and attacks those he doesn't with witty comments.
  • Background: Hissori was born to two wealthy merchants. The eldest of three, Hissori was expected by his mother and father to be the best at everything. He studied hard, practicing both science and nin-jutsu. However, he lacked the chakra reserves to last in shinobi battles. His parents deemed him a failure by age ten, leaving him to do as he pleased while they focussed on his siblings.
    Hissori did not stop training when he was left to himself. Using the considerable allowance given to him by his parents, which was only given to keep him out of their way, he began to experiment with new jutsu. To make up for his lack of chakra, he spent hours upon hours practicing chakra control. By age thirteen, when he became a genin, he had near perfect chakra control. Hissori found that his extremely rare level of control among genin allowed him to almost keep up with his peers. He then create a chakra storing technique that allow him to store chakra in rings in an attempt to not be left behind.
    In his studies, he learned to create chakra bonds, similar to those use in puppet mastery. Hissori was noticed by some of the older jounins for his efforts. Taken under the collective wing of several higher level shinobi, he actually was taught puppet mastery. From there, he began to focus on what else he could do with them. He determined more about the nature of energy by experiments. Experimenting with the transfer of energy he burnt his right arm all the way to the elbow. His accident left a discoloration of his skin that began as black on his right index finger and tapered to his normal skin color around his elbow. However, he was able to perfect a chakra transfer technique that allowed him to move chakra from person to person, or person to object.
    Hissori was able to advance to chunin by using this technique in the exams. On his first mission as a chunin, his team was confronted by a powerful Lightning shinobi. His team mates were killed, and Hissori lost his left arm. After finally striking down the enemy, Hissori took his arm and fashioned it onto himself through the help of his jounin mentors and his puppet skills. This gave him the use of the Shinobi's bloodline trait in his left arm, to control electricity. He also took the man's sword, and sealed it in a scroll for him to call forth at will. Hissori came away from the battle with an even greater understanding of energy, a better jutsu, and the grounds for his next jutsu. He is currently working on it now.

  • Likes: Hissori likes drawing, reading, and writing down his thoughts. He has a love of apples as well, and eats them as often as he can.
  • Dislikes: Hissori hates stupid, annoying people. He is rather calm, and hates those who can't sit still. He also dislikes spicy food.

|| I'm way good at this ||
  • Weaponry: Hissori uses the basic weaponry of shinobi, kunai, exploding notes, and throwing stars. He also has two special weapons;
    He wields a Zanbatō, or a giant sword almost as tall as he is. The weapon is a focus for electricity, and is in itself a living electric current. Only a shinobi able to control lightning is able to grasp it's hilt and wield it. Anyone else who touches it will die from the massive electric current running through it. Hissori keeps it sealed in a scroll.
    Destroyer is a puppet. It is two feet taller than Hissori, has four arms, and multiple hidden weapons systems. Every limb has a hidden blade, and the lower arms have flame throwers in the wrists. The chest has spring loaded blades that can shoot out and retract. Its throat carries a needle launcher that fires from the mouth. Also hidden in it's chest is a poison gas canister. Hissori keeps Destroyer in a scroll.

  • Abilities: Hissori can leave chakra strings at will. He also has the use of the Raikou Te, or lightning hand, in his right arm. The Raikou Te is a blood line limit.
  • Known Techniques: Genin Abilities: Clone Jutsu, Transformation Jutsu, Tree Climb, Rope Escape, Walk on Water.
    Chakra Strings: C-rank. Ability to create bonds between objects with chakra. Used to control puppets and other objects.
    Chakra Transfer: C-rank. Transfers chakra to or from Hissori to or from an object. When used on an unwilling target, it may drain chakra only if a chakra build up is present at the point of contact. May be used through Chakra strings.
    Pain Transfer: B-rank. Copying the electric signals that his body sends to his brain, Hissori uses chakra strings to make the enemy feel the same pain he does. Can be amplified to make the pain worse.
    Lightning Strike: B-rank. Using Raikou Te, he can send lightning through the chakra string to strike an opponent.

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